Strasbourg, Oct 17th 2018

CONSTELLATION is a French consortium of privately held companies founded in 2016 and located in Strasbourg, France.

PROTOMED SA (Strasbourg), IHU- STRASBOURG and BS MEDICAL TECH (Niederroedern), founders of CONSTELLATION, gather together years of expertise in medical device R&D, clinical expertise, testing, training and manufacturing. CONSTELLATION offers to medical device companies a unique range of services from development of 1st prototypes to market release. It manages customer’s development projects in house but also with various partners and acts as a single point of contact for the customer.

ENDOTAGSS LLC, a US based start-up, was attracted by these unique services and has decided to rely on CONSTELLATION to develop its medical devices including TAGSS. The first of its kind, TAGSS offers a direct access to the stomach for surgeons who want to perform hybrid surgeries. Placed by flexible endoscopy, it allows surgeons and gastroenterologists to introduce rigid laparoscopic instruments through TAGSS ports and enables collaboration between flexible endoscopic tools introduced through the mouth and laparoscopic tools through the TAGSS. This will help surgeons develop new therapeutic strategies for intragastric diseases.

“TAGSS is the ideal project for us” says Frédéric Mouret, Protomed’s CEO, “Endotagss was a small team of innovative clinical professionals. They needed to have R&D and regulatory support, that was the part of Protomed; Preclinical validation, where IHU Strasbourg excels and a manufacturing capacity for clinical products, in line with BS MEDICAL TECH expertise”. Professor Lee Swanström, Chief Innovations officer and Scientific Director of the IHU-Strasbourg adds: "We are proud to be a part of CONSTELLATION and consider it a critical expression of the IHU mandate to develop innovative surgical tools. The TAGSS project is validation that Strasbourg is truly a world center for medical innovation thanks to the pooled expertise of groups like CONSTELLATION."

TAGSS is the 1st project of CONSTELLATION to reach the market, and thanks to its privileged location in the NEXTMED (medtech campus) and the support of local authorities and the healthcare cluster Biovalley France, CONSTELLATION is already working with additional customers in Europe, USA and the middle East to develop new minimally invasive devices.

About IHU

The Institute of Image-Guided Surgery is a unique medical and surgical center dedicated to the management of digestive diseases. It develops innovative surgery to deliver personalized patient care, combining the most advanced minimally invasive techniques and the latest medical imaging methods. The Institute is a designated part of the “Programme Investissements d’Avenir” and benefits from the financial support of the French government managed by the “Agence Nationale de la Recherche.” The Institute is also funded by the Région Alsace, the Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, the Eurométropole de Strasbourg and the European Union.

About BS Medical Tech

Created in 2008, by a senior manager in medtech manufacturing, BS Medical Tech is specialized in the design and production of medical devices. It has an exclusive know-how which today allies high-technology and cutting-edge industrial professionalism for technical innovations. BS Medical Tech has an ISO 8 clean room to meet all quality and security requirements that medical devices deserve. It has a wide range of expertises in assembly of purge systems, balloon systems, catheters, etc.,


Located in Strasbourg, PROTOMED is a contract service R&D company specialized in medical device design, development and testing. Since 2004, PROTOMED has founded 2 spin-offs and has participated to many developments in minimally invasive surgery, single use devices, vascular and cardiac implants. Its fablab includes prototyping machines (3D printers; CNC machines), test benches, control equipment and state of the art CAD software.



Important Note: TAGSS device is not approved for sales in the USA.


For more information about CONSTELLATION, contact F. MOURET +33 3 67 17 67 23 –