Unprecedented offer for R&D engineers – A universal catheter handle

Whether you’re developing a catheter, or sheath or steerable catheter, you can save weeks off your development timeline.

The U-Handle eliminates the need to design and manufacture a handle in-house, allowing teams to test concepts faster and focus their efforts on developing the clinical potential of their device.

With the U-handle, you get a sleek handle with robust 3D printed parts and proven functionality that will lend credibility to your prototype.
The U-handle fits tubes from 4FR to 36Fr. It is composed of two actuators : a front one and a back one, with specific stroke for each (120, 100, 80 mm). The front one can also actuate a steerable. And of course, you can add a central tube to support the guide wire, connected at the back of the handle.

The U-handle is delivered in kit with the handle components only. Customer must assemble the shafts following instructions disclosed in the kit. Different configurations exist already and available in less than a week. Customers may request specific configurations.

More than 300 references available on www.chamfr.com